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Groove Masters Maisie disco funk for the masses

Adelaide five-piece Maisie have been captivating local audiences with their groove-infused funk rock and have also been named as the 'band to watch' in 2024 by several well know music taste-makers. I caught up with Emmett ahead of their headline show on the Gov main stage this Saturday night, one not to miss!  Q:  From the Maisie shows I’ve attended it’s a really high energy & you really get the crowd going. Where did this evolve from, is it due to all members coming from other high energy groups or is it just a unique chemistry? It's more of unique chemistry I would have to say! At some point we all decided that we needed our shows to be fun and thrilling to complement the groove! There's a moment of realisation that "if we don't bring the energy, who will?" and alongside that I like to feel that we enter every show knowing that everything we have needs to be left on that stage, that's why there will be a bit of an erratic and chaotic nature to ou

Gothic AC/DC & a Cold Chisel Bass Guitar! The Midnight Mares..

Welcome to the dark, brooding world of Adelaide quartet 'The Midnight Mares'. With a rich pedigree of musicians from a variety of backgrounds the 'Mares have been plugging away the last couple of years on stellar recordings and a live show you just have to see. Was lucky to be passing their way of late and thought I'd throw a few Q & A's at 'em! Enjoy!    Tell us more about the latest recording process for ‘Anastasia’ and ‘Boneyard Matinee’ – Why did you choose to record the way you do and also please update us with the new approach regarding different instrumentation – e.g That beautiful distortion!   For these singles engineer/producer Matt Hills set up his studio – he’s running a mobile one these days – at the Grace Emily Hotel and we recorded over a couple of days when the pub was shut. We don’t record live as a band all together at once but rather build up the songs layer by layer and instrument by instrument, replacing guide tracks as we go. We also do