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A Dainty chat..

Adelaide band the Dainty Morsels have brought a refreshing perspective to the local music scene with their unique blend of blues, psych & indie sounds. Immediately they've captured the attention of local radio station Three D Radio and more punters are flocking to their shows to see what the commotion is all about. I caught up with the band to get inside their way of thinking around song-writing and what they have in store for us moving forward...  Tell me about the song-writing process with the Dainty Morsels, how do your songs start and how do they end? And what was the quickest song to write on the album? Our process varies! But always involves just jammin’ it out in some capacity. Generally one of us will have an idea of some sort & then we’ll all layer on our ideas for our parts and jam it out until it feels whole. Its hard to say which song was the quickest to write, they all tend to come together fairly fast. Don’t Stray was definitely quick though. We started jammin