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Playing retro-punk rock - Fair Call spill the beans

Fair call are a relatively new punk-rock quartet that take their cues from more retro-punk rock acts that you'd find in Southern California yet Fair Call reside in the city of churches which is totally awesome! I caught up with the guys and went through a few drill exercises. I had a listen to your single 'Skinned Knees' and it reminded me of Bad Religion, you know that early Epitaph Records sound. Is that something you're aiming for? Epitaph Records represent a lot of artists that our members listen to like Dropkick Murphys, Rancid and La Dispute to name a few! While the sound isn't something we're directly aiming for I'm sure the influences these bands have had on us seeps into our sound! How did Fair Call, form?  Fair Call formed starting with our vocalist Josh and our drummer Jimmy who have played together in a few different projects that didn't really make it beyond jamming. Our bass player Pykie is a friend of Jimmy's from their hometown Hamley

A new Tonix for your ears

I first heard of Tonix when I met the band at the Adelaide Royal Show and saw that Archie was playing a Sax and immediately started chewing his ear off about the band Morphine! Since then I have seen many live shows and most recent an epic gig they put on at the Adelaide Unibar in which I finally had the chance to purchase the infamous Tonix bucket hat!  Caught up with Archie again recently and delved into all that's happening in Tonix world... Tonix has been around for a little while now, how did the band form? Tonix was spawned when Henry and I began busking as a saxophone duo. When we realised that we both had such a strong drive to play for audiences, we decided to take things more seriously and form Tonix. Henry had been given a synthesiser and we found that the first time we ever combined his synths and my saxophone, writing music came easily. Adding Sammi on vocals was a game changer and now including real drums has also really solidified who we are and how we sound.  From l

This is brand new! Welcome to That Adelaide Band blog and Webpage

 Hello all!  Welcome to That Adelaide Band, blog!  Once again, thanks for supporting the Insta site with over 2K followers and counting. Keeping our great music scene in South Australia, healthy.  Hoping to lock in some interviews with local bands and if you're keen for an interview send us a DM and we can chat!  Looking forward to more content. TAB, Hq      Photo : Freedom of Fear, photo by @rebelrebelfight via Hi Fi Way